We are an Independent Global Advisory Firm.

Jeanensis LLC (Jeanensis Capital Markets, Jeanensis Advisory Partners and Jeanensis Research and Intelligence) is an independent capital markets, risk management, and global advisory firm.

We focus primarily on advising multi-nationals, mid-market firms and investment capitalists in:

  • Capital fundraising (Stage B to mid-markets)
  • Lead generation executive sourcing
  • Foreign and outbound direct investment [FDI]
  • Initial Public Offering [IPO]
  • Cross-border advisory
  • Blockchain advisory

Focusing on Positive Global Impact.

Because we believe that the world of tomorrow is being shaped by the ideas, actions, and investments that we commit to today, as a result, Jeanensis Capital Markets’ focus has revolved and evolved around impactful, forward-thinking industries.

Jeanensis has developed its expertise and continues to grow its partnership, alliances and clientele alike, in the following industries:

  • FinTech and RegTech
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  • Blockchain
  • Renewable Energy-Solar

Global Partners & Alliances

For Global Results.

Our Mission.


Our Nuggets-of-Wisdom (NOW)™ will place your firm at the table with investment capitalists and C-Level executives.


Our capital markets intelligence and investment strategies will guide your firm in making sound corporate and management decisions.


From beginning to end, our team of seasoned professionals advisors are committed every step of the way in the capital development process.

Globally Local Blockchain/AI Event