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Planets Align for Wall Street Forecasters: A Tutorial to WD Gann Analysis

W.D. Gann was one of the most brilliant and insightful technical analyst who ever lived. It is very useful for traders to learn more about Gann and his methodology for forecasting the financial markets, which is based on geometry, astronomy and astrology, and ancient mathematics. The more you study Gann, the more respect you have for […]

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Use Location Intelligence to Combat Financial Crime

Intelligence – artificial or real – is only as good as the information it uses. Location intelligence helps contextualize a situation and can augment machine learning and other applications of artificial intelligence. How can location intelligence be applied to regulatory compliance initiatives to help combat financial crime? Intelligence (artificial or real) is only as good […]

China’s Exchange Rate Regime: A Crawling Managed Float

China’s Exchange Rate Regime: A Crawling Managed Float For most professionals in the financial industry, July 21, 2005, was a historic day. On this day, the “People’s Bank of China” (PBOC), with the authorization of the State Council (1), announced China’s new exchange rate regime from a peg to the U.S. dollar to a basket […]