Kenneth Goodwin Featured by the Introducer Magazine among the "10 to know Game Changers"

Ken Goodwin @ Jeanensis featured among the “10 to Know Game Changers”


Spotlight on Ken! The Introducer Magazine (by Mary Kurek Professional Networking) features Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. [Jeanensis Capital Markets] among the 10 Game Changers to know.

“Ken has no problems doing what hasn’t been done, trailblazing as the first foreigner to monitor and execute Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) on the floor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).  An executive with that kind of fearless leadership, passion for finance and consultative nature is a “C-suite entrepreneur.”

[Read the full article in the Introducer Magazine – page 10-11-12]

About the Introducer Magazine

Introducer Magazine Featuring Ken Goodwin "10 Game Changers to Know"

Introducer Magazine Featuring Ken Goodwin “10 Game Changers to Know”

The Introducer Magazine launched this year by Mary Kurek, a professional networking specialist, is a unique monthly publication for serious business networkers who are interested in connecting with high profile business professionals across the globe. Each issue spotlights “Ten to Know” spotlights on professionals whose projects are often broad in geography, scope, and human benefit. — Check out her website

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