Event April 25 - Blockchain and the Future of Urban Communities

Join the conversation on the “Opportunities in Blockchain: The Future of Urban Communities”, convening the 1st ever Pan-African Leaders panel on Blockchain, an initiative Jeanensis is grateful to be co-hosting with the Brooklyn Innovation Center, this April 25th, 2018 @ 18:15, at Ignita Office in Brooklyn.

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TOPICS of Discussion
* Job opportunities in blockchain today and the near future

* Blockchain across industries… from banking for the un-banked to earning income from your own data.

* Peer-to-peer social aspects of blockchain technology

Join us for an eye-opening discussion with six blockchain professionals, each of whom is a person of color and very familiar with urban communities:

Featured Panelists

  • Marilyn Charlot, head of compliance and risk management at Veritaseum, oversees the creation and management of compliance smart contracts. Marilyn was formerly a VP and Financial Crimes Compliance Officer at Société Générale, one of Europe’s largest banks.
  • Rhonda Eldridge, is a strategy consultant at GECKO Governance, a blockchain technology for fund and banking compliance. Rhonda has over 25 years of financial services experience at leading global firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, ABN Amro (Fortis) and UBS.
  • Jennifer Jacques is managing attorney at Jacques & Associates, where she focuses on venture capital financing, corporate governance, and employment law. Jennifer has structured private placement memorandums and licensing deals for emerging tech companies like Wordeee, XenApp and Visionary Access Inc.
  • Rhonda Eldridge, GECKO Governance USA
  • D.K. Smith, dxChain, is co-founder and CMO at dxChain.io, a blockchain data rights management platform that enables data files to be secured, managed, shared, and monetized on a revocable basis. D.K. serves as an Advisor to founders and investors on blockchain business strategy and implementations.
  • Marie Noel Nsana: Advisor at Alchemy.io and Membrana, is a Certified Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology professional. Marie-Noel has over ten years’ experience in the regulatory compliance, business analysis, business intelligence, MIS reporting, and software development.

Kenneth Goodwin Jr., an independent capital markets and risk management advisory firm partnering with global blockchain projects. Ken serves as an Advisor to over 10 global blockchain projects and participated in several successful raises ranging from $25 million to $100 million USD.

* 6:15 pm: Networking, food, and refreshments
* 7:00 pm sharp: Panel discussion and Q&A
* 8:15 pm: More networking and informal Q&A

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Kenneth Goodwin Featured by the Introducer Magazine among the "10 to know Game Changers"

Spotlight on Ken! The Introducer Magazine (by Mary Kurek Professional Networking) features Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. [Jeanensis Capital Markets] among the 10 Game Changers to know.

“Ken has no problems doing what hasn’t been done, trailblazing as the first foreigner to monitor and execute Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) on the floor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).  An executive with that kind of fearless leadership, passion for finance and consultative nature is a “C-suite entrepreneur.”

[Read the full article in the Introducer Magazine – page 10-11-12]

About the Introducer Magazine

Introducer Magazine Featuring Ken Goodwin "10 Game Changers to Know"

Introducer Magazine Featuring Ken Goodwin “10 Game Changers to Know”

The Introducer Magazine launched this year by Mary Kurek, a professional networking specialist, is a unique monthly publication for serious business networkers who are interested in connecting with high profile business professionals across the globe. Each issue spotlights “Ten to Know” spotlights on professionals whose projects are often broad in geography, scope, and human benefit. — Check out her website



Decentralized Central Banks and The New Financial System – 11:30am – 12:00pm Oct 31

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr from Jeanensis LLC is a panelist @ the Blockchain Economic Forum, discussing the topic of Decentralized Central Banks and The New Financial System. This is your opportunity to learn more about the topic, in addition to network with Jeanensis and 500+ investors, founders and media to grow your business and the blockchain economy.

  • Will Central Banks give way to Smart Contracts?
  • Is smart contract a better way to regulate money supply?
  • The cost and benefits of Decentralized Financial System

For tickets and more information about the event: http://blockchainforum.global/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bef_traffic&utm_content=remarket-us-canada&utm_term=video

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. from Jeanensis Capital Markets will be speaking at the “Borderless Markets and the Future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Technology in Business”. Join the discussion by Wealth Builders NYC and Jeanensis, September 14, 2017 @ 18:00!

Serving on the SoBRO’s board, Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. from Jeanensis LLC, is happy to partake the Bronx Business Expo event and looking forward to meet you there, after the TXF event in Manhattan.

Meet & Network with like minded business owners, entrepreneurs & Professionals in the Bronx

About the event


  • Network with government agencies, prime contractors, and small businesses
  • Meet with government procurement representatives
  • Meet MWBE’s, VOSBs, 8(a)s, Hub Zone, EDWOSBs, and DBEs
  • Locate potential subcontracting opportunities

About Our Services

SoBRO’s diverse menu of business services span from entrepreneurial development programs to assistance for industrial businesses and include MWBE/MBE certification, procurement assistance, commercial real estate assistance, financing, and technical assistance.

For More Information, contact: Evangeline Gelladola, Director via email: egelladola@sobro.org

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Transformative Trade, Tech & Talent

Jeanensis Capital Markets is proud to be part of the discussion @ TXF New York 2017 on September 7, 2017.  Come meet Kenneth Goodwin, Jeanensis Capital Markets’ Sr. Managing Principal & President.  Ken will among the judges at the Blockchain, AI & Digital Supply Chains session where an expert in each technology will give a 10-minute pitch on why they think their technology will have the biggest impact on the trade sector.

About the event

It is an exciting and innovative time for the trade and treasury sector. That’s why TXF is heading to New York for our inaugural event dedicated to emerging technology and talent.

TXF New York event will showcase the changes happening in the sector right now and the new products that are transforming the trade sector. Focused on working capital optimization, supply chain management and risk mitigation, this one-day conference promises to be innovative and Jeanensis won’t miss it.  This is your opportunity to make meaningful connections with senior representatives and have intimate discussions with others at the forefront of innovation.

Visit TXF’s website for more information about the event, including cost, session line-up, speakers and more.