Gann allows us to make outrageous forecasts that no other discipline can match. The trick? With Gann we base our views on “science.”

Gann is not going to win the day with traders who don’t believe in charts. Traders tend to be first and foremost skeptical of anything and everything. I don’t blame them. There is a lot of stuff out there that is just sheer marketing hype. But Gann is not marketing hype. It is real. The more you study Gann, the more you realize the “Truth in the Ticker Tape.” The truth in the charts. The charts don’t lie.

A short video tutorial demonstrating the power of Gann analysis.

The position of the planets in relation to each other has some sort of energy that can influence the markets. I don’t understand it; I just know from observation that it works. Gann’s ideas came from a scientific study of the planets and how they relate to the markets. It is fascinating stuff. Not everyone will see it that way, but so it goes.

I’m still mystified that more traders don’t even know who Gann was. Gann was a genius. No hype. Just hard work and incredible diligence to his craft. And brilliant insight.

“A Tutorial to WD Gann Analysis” is a collaboration between Catapult Research and Jeanensis Capital Markets. Complimentary Gann Analysis charts could be requested by contacting either or